Inception Rocked My World

What an unpredictable, mind-altering, beautifully directed piece of cinema. Christopher Nolan literally broke the concept of time with a tiny layer of confusion that got your brain ticking.

Nolan is ingenious. I always enjoy movies that have a storyline that has a sprinkling of truth about it. In some ways the technology could be possible in years to come and the way Inception is presented it makes it all the more believable.

By far the best thing about the movie is the quality of the ensemble cast. I think it’s about time that Leonardo DiCaprio got that golden statuette, for this movie he genuinely lit the screen on fire. The smouldering looks, the chemistry with Marion Cotillard and the fact that his character was so convincingly and constantly teetering on the edge of craziness.

The Extractor

Most people know Ellen Page as the pregnant teen from Diablo Cody’s Juno, but as the creative Ariadne “The Architect” she plays someone able to understand the unstability that DiCaprio’s character faces due to something that happened in his past. (I don’t want to go into details as it will spoil it massively). I do sometimes struggle to take Page as a serious adult actor considering she is so tiny, but she really holds her own especially in scenes with actors the calibre of DiCaprio.

The Extractor and The Architect

My new boy crush (well man) comes in the form of Tom Hardy, “The Forger”. His rugged handsomeness and gravelly voice just made his bad boy character so appealing. His character’s relationship with (boy crush #2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt was light-hearted and funny but still fit within the sci-fi epic.

It kept bugging me throughout the movie what else I’d seen him in and after a quick IMDb check I realised he was in the gritty Channel 4 drama Cape Wrath. It was only on for 8 episodes before it got cancelled prematurely. Then further checking saw he portrayed Charles Bronson in the movie of the same name and looks completely unrecognisable.


Onto Joseph Gordon Levitt, all us girls will remember his dorky cuteness in 10 Things I Hate About You which I’ve seen so many times I have lost count, with Julia Stiles and the late Heath Ledger co-starring.

JG-L disappeared to television, starring in comedy 3rd Rock from the Sun for 5 years, still making movies just not ones that appeared on my radar anyway. But (500) Days of Summer released in 2009 has to be one of my favourite movies ever, and the ever lovable Zooey Deschanel co-starring the film was fantastic.

His character, Arthur, in Inception is “The Point Man” DiCaprio’s right-hand in the world of dreams. I think his character is so complex and deep that Nolan barely scratches the surface, but the mystery surrounding his seemingly tough exterior is extremely intriguing. The slicked-back hair just makes him totally sexy as well.

The Point Man (looking slightly like PeeWee)

I haven’t gotten round to seeing Public Enemies or Nine, so haven’t seen any of Marion Cotillard’s blockbuster films. She plays Mal (although it sounded like DiCaprio was saying Mol) a very deceptive character, this is probably where I became the most confused and to explain it would again spoil the film and purely take too long. She was the most crazy in the whole film, and the chemistry between her and DiCaprio was interesting yet heartbraking.

Cillian Murphy also starred as the “The Mark”, I was a little stumped by his character as he didn’t seem to have much to do. I don’t know how to explain it, but I think he suits roles of the evil nature rather than a victim, I mean those eyes are so scary beautiful and as The Scarecrow in Batman he was brilliant.

Stand-out performance goes to Ken Watanabe as “The Tourist”, the guy who holds all the cards but almost ends up a victim. Take note of the first scene and most things slip into place by the end. Joint stand-out is definitely Tom Hardy and for JG-L I hope that Inception is a launch pad for bigger movies because he is a fantastic actor.

The Forger and The Tourist

As a sci-fi movie Inception may put some people off, but you have to see it to believe how good it is. I waited with baited breath for months hoping that I hadn’t been premature putting it on a pedestal before it had even been released, but thank god I did because it lived far and beyond my expectations and cannot wait to go see it again.


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