Winkle-pickers will leave you deformed. No word of a lie

So I’ve just collected the post from my front door and there my Grazia was waiting for me after a hard day’s work.

I always read my magazines in the exact same way, flick through every page read the tiny bits and bobs and then re-read all the bigger stories but not for a few days. I have no idea why I do this as I do have the time to read the magazine I just like knowing that I have something left over to read.

Anyway page 30 comes a trend report “Shoes make a point!”. Noooooooo. In regards to my previous post I mentioned how pointy shoes make my feet somewhat reminiscent of clown’s feet, and there it is in Grazia claiming that “Fashion is in the midst of a major about-turn” and that “Hoo-rah!…there is a new shoe style that suddenly looks fresh and right for now: the pointy-toe court (PTC)”.

FFS. Why, why oh why do pointy shoes have to be on trend? I just really don’t like them, and sorry for all those out there that have a pair of PTCs and like theirs, I judge people by their shoe choice and I will judge you.

And part of the reason I don’t like them is the memory of my Nan’s feet. Yes I will always remember how her toes were formed into the shape of the “winkle picker” because she wore them so much when she was younger. I took up her advice when she told me that wearing them will deform your feet and haven’t worn a point since.

But according to Grazia, “PTCs are set to be THE shoe of the season, [we] are over the moon to report that their ability to lengthen any leg and make even the chunkiest of cankles seem slimmer is second to none. What’s not to like?”

I think I’ve covered all the bases for that question. And for those of you with cankles find a different type of shoe to wear or just cover them up with boots.

I would rather have these instead thank you.

ANARCHY Multi-buckle wedges £80

SWALLOW Cut-out wedges £68


4 thoughts on “Winkle-pickers will leave you deformed. No word of a lie

  1. I completely agree! I can’t stand pointed shoes. They don’t look as sexy to me at all. I find them quite hilarious when on actually. I have size 7 feet and I have no desire whatsoever to add to that. I suppose if you are blessed with those tiny, elegant doll feet, they could have a desireable effect. For me? No way. HID-E-OUS. The Swallow Cut-Out Wedges from Topshop are gorgeous by the way. I have had my eye on them for ages. I wish they were cheaper! 😦 xxx

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