Say NO to kittens

I don’t think I will ever understand the kitten heel trend. I really don’t see the appeal at all.

I know when I was younger that size heel seemed to pop up in my wardrobe regularly only because I couldn’t walk in 5 inch heels yet. But now it’s either stilletto heel or no heel (I’ll give you a wedge heel though), for me they are just so much more flattering. Your legs look like they are toned and long and any kind of high heel will lift your outfit out of the plain and simple to wow and gorgeous.

The Stella McCartney A/W 2010-11 Ready-T0-Wear show saw many pointy kitten heels, it fitted with her classic tailored businesswoman style she had adopted, but still I feel you can only get away with the mini heels if you already have long legs aka every model she sent down the runway.

Also for me with size 7/8 feet, pointy shoes don’t do anything good for me apart from giving the illusion that I have size 10 feet. I consciously pick shoes that are either open toed with details such as straps/buckles or different colours and rounded shoes just to make my feet look that bit neater and smaller.

Even though it’s my particular hang up, I still advise you to SAY NO to kittens.

Lara Stone

Joan Smalls

Erin Wasson

All photos from


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