What a wise man…

…that Leonardo DiCaprio is, talking about fame and being a celebrity he said: “You will never hear me complain about stardom,” Leo shared according to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I would make myself nauseous if I complained about anything. My theory is, if you don’t like stardom and all the attention that goes along with it, then get out of this business.”

Did you hear that Kirsten Stewart?? If you don’t like all the fuss over you then bugger off, less comments like the one you claimed being a celebrity is like being raped, please. I don’t care if you apologised, you cared enough to complain in the first place so just get a grip.


P.S I can’t wait until Leo is on the big screen for Inception, but I’ve hyped it up so much for myself I don’t want to be disappointed!


3 thoughts on “What a wise man…

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