Eclipse Review *Contains Spoilers*

After counting down the days until the Eclipse movie came out, I finally saw it last night.

I have a lot to say so bear with me, if you couldn’t care less about the Twilight phenomenon then I suggest you do not read on I will not be offended.

The movie did not fail to live up to my expectations, after a lacklustre and what appeared to be a low-budget Twilight, followed by a “darker” New Moon, Eclipse was action-packed and wrought with an undertone of sexual desire.

Exactly what the fans ordered. Many of the pivotal scenes from the book were included, and a few were added purely for a cinematic purpose and to get the film moving along which I think was fair. I think I’ll just go through a few of the main points I think were good with the film and what went wrong.


A secondary character that only appears very briefly in the book as the leader of the newborn vampires, he is the oldest by a year and so it appears, in the film, that he takes it upon himself to create an army to fight against the Cullen clan. However for those of you that have read the books then you will know the mastermind is the evil Victoria.

Riley features as a main character, which I think in terms of the film help the audience see the bad side of being a vampire but the added opening scene of how he was turned into a vampire was pathetic and I’m pretty sure that the 12A certificate hindered the chance of it being more gory. But kudos to Xavier Samuel for bringing more brooding angst to the Twilight Saga.

Xavier Samuel as Riley

Dakota Fanning as Jane

I have not always been a fan of Dakota Fanning, as a child actress she did get some big movie roles starring alongside some equally big names, Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington and Tom Cruise, but she always seemed quite a whiny performer. However that’s all changed, she’s grown up into a pretty young girl and as a vampire she absolutely kicks ass.

As a member of the Volturi she plays the part of evil twin Jane to the book. The red eyes and the dark cloak just add to the performance, probably the best in the movie.

The Evil Jane


The scene was pivotal in the type relationship that Bella and Edward share, and I’m glad they presented it in exactly the same way as in the book. Edward wants to preserve Bella’s virtue and she just wants to get rid of it like any other normal teenager, however the only way Edward will give in is if she marries him… She agrees (which she does way too easily in the film) and that leads me to:

The Ring

Good God. I don’t really know what I had imagined for the ring but what they came up with was pretty tacky. So I had to refer back to the book to check that the people in charge of costume had it right: “The face was a long oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold – delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds.”

The engagement ring - something similar to this

Hmm okay then I was wrong, I definitely had in mind a beautiful vintage ring with one large diamond not the one that looked like it came from a discount bin in Claire’s Accessories.

Bryce Dallas Howard vs. Rachelle Lefevre as Victoria

Who was the best Victoria?

Personally I think Rachelle Lefevre was robbed of her role as Victoria, the rumours doing the rounds were that a scheduling conflict was to blame for the reason of Lefevre been replaced by Howard. But as Lefevre said she was “stunned and greatly saddened” to be no longer a part of something she was so “passionate” about. (Summit Entertainment released a statement saying Lefevre withheld her scheduling and the overlap was 10 days she could not be available for, but the movie industry is a tough business so who knows the real ins and outs?)

Anyway, Bryce Dallas Howard is the new Victoria in Eclipse and although she does an okay job I just can’t help thinking it’s odd that she does’t quite fit as the badass that she is supposed to portray in the book. Plus I think she had favour on her side with her dad being the Ron Howard, director of A Beautiful Mind, A Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code, and Angels and Demons to name a few.

Minor Scenes

I like that the director still chose to include the minor scenes like, the graduation scene/party, Jacob’s wolf bracelet as a gift to Bella, the flashbacks of Jasper and Rosalie and the infamous tent scene.

Although Rosalie’s flashback was set at a different time than in the book, it still had the effect necessary. How Rosalie had the perfect life and she didn’t actually wish to give it up unlike the very willing Bella. Jasper’s flashback also didn’t happen in the daytime but still we got the backstory of how he knew how to fight newborn’s, and those who have read the book would know the rest of the details that weren’t portrayed on screen.

The tent scene between Jacob/Edward/Bella was as I had imagined in the book, maybe with a smaller tent, but it worked perfectly and RPattz and TayTay did a great job of acting in that scene.

The Wigs

The hair pieces were pretty bad once again, I really don’t understand why they don’t spend the many millions they had for the movie on better hair for the cast. Jasper was the worst culprit, those strawberry blond waves were set at a strange angle and just looked odd, a definite difference than in New Moon. Bella’s long hair was suspiciously full and bouncy compared to the first film where Kristen Stewart still had a full head of limp hair. Rosalie and Alice’s wigs were not too bad but still when you know what they look like in real life you kind of think they would make more of an effort.

Awfully short hair vs. Lovely long hair


As Bella’s dad he provided most of the comedy in the film, nearly every scene had him spitting out some humourous comment or sarcastic aside that had the audience in the cinema laughing. Billy Burke I salute your dry delivery.


I loved this film, a lot of the scenes I hadn’t even imagined in the book worked amazingly on screen and I think the fight scenes were brilliant. I enjoyed the fact that the secondary cast of Cullens got more lines, especially Jasper as I thik Jackon Rathbone is delicious! And I’m definitely not going to complain about the amount of time Taylor Lautner spent with his top off. I would have, however, enjoyed seeing more of Kellan Lutz’s bare chest but you can’t have everything.

The only thing that really shocked me was how many people in the cinema had not read the books, there was a lot of chatter when Jacob kissed Bella and how Edward was going to react, as well as when Bella said yes to Edward’s proposal. If you had read the books you would have known what was going to happen! Then again maybe there are people in the world that are not drawn into the whole Twilight phenomenon and actually live lives that don’t surround picking the books and films apart. Ahem.


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