Graduation Stress

STRESS?! More of it, nooooo.

Those of us who are successful in our grades and are attending the graduation ceremony at the lovely UCLan (or anywhere else for that matter) will soon realise how much of a right ol’ palava organising the trip is.

First it’s the outfit. Yeah, you need to look good even if you will be covered in a mahoosive gown. But what the hell would look good? The recommended outfit of choice is an awful trousers/blouse combo, for girls (well for me anyway) this is just not going to happen. I think in all my life I have never EVER done blouse and trousers. Dress all the way, but good god what style/length/colour/pattern/sleeves/no sleeves/tight/loose too many choices, too difficult.

At first I thought I had it sorted, I’d been looking for a while and came upon a lovely blush pink dress by CiCi. It was nicely fitted not too tight and not too loose. Well on the website it looked lovely, upon receiving the package and rushing to try it on I found what I suspected: TOO SHORT. Well I’ll wear it with flats and tights I said, but then I went and got a new tattoo and I don’t want it covered up. So dilemma, I need a new dress. I’ve gone smarter this time, a bright pillarbox redto match with the red stripe on our gowns, clever, I know.

Here is the first dress (which by the way I’m keeping, a birthday present to me):

Option Number One

And the second dress has not arrived as of yet, but if it fits then it’s going to be a surprise for the day! Aha!

Now the second part of the “Stress”:

Some are lucky and live nearby our university of choice, but others like me live nearly 3 hours away, and I know others that live even further.

It’s annoying that I have a morning ceremony which starts at 11am, there’s me thinking just roll up at half 10 and sorted. Oh no no. Registration first, gown collection blah blah blah.

830am registration starts, how is it possible to be at the ceremony on time, travelling the same day? It’s not, and there goes added expense, not only will there be petrol/train tickets, but hotel stays so that we can get up at a reasonable hour and make ourselves look all pretty and nice for photos later.

I’ve got it slightly easy, I only need 2 tickets, simples. But what about those who have 4 and need more? Parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles the list goes on and on. There is a restriction on tickets which lessens the problems when you have to tell your aunt that’s not really your aunt she can’t come and witness you receiving a blank piece of paper on a stage. Shame. (Just to clarify this has not happened to me)

And then there is the added confusion of what to do after the ceremony, you’re with your parents but you want to see your friends, but it’s a proud day for the ‘rents but a happy day to share with your mates. You don’t want to tell your parents to sod off, but friend’s parents mixing hmmm awkward times. Your friends are YOUR friends but the parent’s, who knows will they get on or won’t they… too risky?

For those that have already graduated maybe you could give us newbies some pointers? For now, it seems it will be a day of just going with the flow.

So good luck to you all in planning your days!


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