Top Knots

According to Glamour Top Knots are the “DO of the season” (see how they did that, on their dos and don’ts page yeah).

Of course I can’t do this because I have recently short hair, how could I ever manage to scrape it all into a top knot.

Well I’ll have you know I had a brainwave, extensions! I had hair extensions a while ago and I kept them so I could still put them in every no and again, how much fun to be able to  change my hair with a few extra pieces!

I tried it and you know what I champion the top knot, like Glamour says it’s “easy and glam” and boy are they right. When I went out on Wednesday night I didn’t want to get to dressed up and I really couldn’t be bothered to straighten my hair in the heat so voila a fast and simple style that adds a few extra inches in height.

But you have to make sure that the bun is sat right on top of your head otherwise it will look like a “ballerina bun” and then there’s the other problem of a top knot or high ponytail being associated with the term ‘chav’. Eeek, but if you style it right then there’s no chance of that occurring unless someone doesn’t ‘get’ the trend.

I particularly like Gemma Arterton’s version of a top knot, which she sported for the Clash of the Titans film premiere, and it perfectly shows off her angel wing tattoo.

Gemma Arterton


2 thoughts on “Top Knots

  1. I am a massive ambassador of the top knot, although I prefer them a bit messier (think Carrie circa series 3?) as my features don’t suit them small and tight a la Arterton. You should’ve posted a picture! 🙂 x

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