Day Thirty – Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

So I’ve decided to clean out my room, doing quite well so far. I’ve found ridiculous amounts of junk that is going into the bin.

Whilst I’ve been doing that I’ve watched the end of Season 3 of Dawson’s Creek which is one of my favourite season finales, where Joey realises she loves Pacey and they sail off into the sunset. Sweet.

I’ve started on The OC now after my box set arrived, I’m just on episode 2, The Model Home, and if anyone knows how Season 3 ends I love how writers connect things. So Marissa arrives at the model home and Ryan is listening to Hallelujah, from the mix cd that Marissa made for him, she says “This song reminds me of you” and even though she has literally only known him for about a week it’s like deja vu.

At the very end as Ryan rescues Marissa from their crashed car and she lies dying in his arms, Hallelujah is playing. And throughout all 3 seasons (cos lets face it Season 4 doesn’t entirely count) there are moments where you see that scene echoed in all others, the first episode Ryan carries an unconscious Marissa from her front porch to his bed, when they go to Tijuana and she overdoses he rescues her from the alleyway she is unconscious in.

The O.C has always about Ryan rescuing Marissa and that’s why Season 4 just wasn’t as good as the others. You can’t remove the person that Ryan’s character exists solely for.

So this post is dedicated to the boys of my favourite television shows. The hero, the geek, the DILF, the best friends, the second fiddle, the leading man, the supporting actor.

The Hero

The Cute Geek


Best Supporting Actor

The Leading Man

And this concludes my 30-Day Challenge. It’s finally done, and it’s been fun. And I hope everyone has enjoyed reading!


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