Pamela’s Love jewels

I have been following Julia Restoin Roitfield’s (JRR) “Today I’m Wearing” blog on Vogue and I must say she is definitely 100% my favourite so far. She is my new Style Crush.

What I have been noticing is she has quite a few favourite pieces that she likes to wear again and again, and you know what, why not? It’s refreshing to see someone who has any designer she likes on speed dial, to like something enough to keep wearing it. Her Miu Miu bag been one (“I know I am wearing it a lot but it’s just a perfect size and style for any occasion!” – JRR) and and her Pamela Love jewellery been another.

"Today I am wearing a purple suede Poltock & Walsh dress designed by my good friend Katie Walsh. I've accessorised it with Ray Ban Pilots sunglasses, a Pamela Love pendant necklace, a Miu Miu purse and Lanvin ballet flats."

I’ve become intrigued by this Pamela Love, with JRR considering her a “really good friend”, she obviously can claim all the jewels she likes. So here are a few pieces that I’m coveting, pieces that will never see the warmth of my jewellery box, poor lonely jewels.

Eagle Claw Necklace // Double Snake Ring

Human Heart Locket

Quartz Crystal Python/Cobra Necklace // Dagger Rosary

So yeah, if anyone feels like buying me something then this is what I want. Ha ha.


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