Sometimes I wish I lived in the US they have some great magazine covers for nearly every issue of whatever mag it is. Like Men’s Health and Women’s Health July issues, both stars from Twilight Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene looking ridiculously gorgeous.

Kellan and Ashley

A yummy scrummy pic of Taylor Lautner has just popped up on JustJared, he’s on the cover of men’s magazine GQ.

Shirt on... shirt off

Then we have the latest cover of Allure beauty magazine, a publication owned by Conde Nast so I don’t see a reason why it can’t be available in the UK, with my fave style crush, Diane Kruger as the cover star. She looks amazing as usual, fresh-faced with stunning make-up.

Diane the cover star

Can I have those legs please?

On the Allure website it gives you a little background into the shoot, and Diane who was being shot by Michael Thompson whom she has worked with before, had brought his first book in ‘Michael Thompson: Images‘, depicting a much younger looking Diane at 18 for a Giorgio Armani perfum ad. The cover of the book is also an extreme close-up of Diane’s eye.

"So this is just me with a tan and no make-up"

One day I will live over the seas, and I know where ever I manage to live it will be full to the brim of any and every magazine with a worthy front cover. That’s what my eye is drawn to, I have plenty of magazines that I have never read before but have bought purely for the cover star!


3 thoughts on “Allure-ing

  1. anyone can look this amazing with air brushing techniques. And what is up with Diane Kruger’s nose on the cover of Allure? Freakish!!!!

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