“I do, do I?” – NEVER

I know it’s quite late and all but I finally went to see Sex and the City last night. It was pretty funny, the usual sex jokes from Samantha, a nanny that doesn’t wear a bra and Miranda’s teeth.

Obviously loved the clothes, apart from the rehash of Carrie’s Dior newspaper print dress in the scene where Big is taking her out for dinner.  The best shoes were in the opening scene the sparkly gold Louboutins, gorgeous, and I can’t count how many Halston outfits there were, but the long burnt orange one was a dream. Oh and I adore how she wears the long green maxi dress around the flat at the end of the movie, who else could get away with that?!

Aside from the fashion, the film really just reminded me of how much I don’t want to get married. Yeah I know it’s only fiction but jeez if a rich husband and a beautiful apartment and an amaaaazing wardrobe can’t get you happiness what can?! Marriage sucks it seems, you tie yourself down to the same person for years your bound to slip up (AIDAN). But then again what husband realistically would buy their wife, who just kissed another man (an ex-boyf to be precise), a massive stonking black diamond ring to remind her that she’s married? Bloody hell if that’s what marriage is I’ll have me some of that, otherwise I will remain eternally unhitched.

Meanwhile if someone would like to buy my a nice big ring, or wardrobe full of designer clothes and shoes, they’re more than welcome.

"We're soulmates"


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