Day Twenty Six – Your Week in Great Detail

Agh, this is the part of the challenge that is tough. At 21 I still have a young brain but remembering what I did for a whole week, bloody hell. I’ll try my best.

Monday – I had 2 job interviews in the space of a few hours, had to get up earlier than usual to travel through to Hull. Drive back and then have an hour’s break at my Mum’s school in reception class watching all the little ones play with toys and stuff, then go to my second interview at The Spa in Bridlington. Then I went to the gym, and went home to see a newly laid road outside my house, wow exciting stuff.

Tuesday – Err, I think I basically sat around all day watched a bit of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Youtube, and a couple of episodes of Dawson’s Creek. Then went to a Pilates class, rushed home got changed and went to the pub quiz where we didn’t win because we never do even though we cheat.

Wednesday – Walked my dog Finn, absolutely cutie, he walks lovely on his own when he’s not been influenced by Izzy. That’s pretty much all I did to be fair, made a smoothie I think with our new blender.


Thursday – Sat around all day, then went to meet my friend from work went to the gym, spied some fitties, and then came home.

Friday – This was a loooong day, I’d offered to help chaperone a school trip for my Mum’s reception class, an art trip to Sewerby Hall to draw and paint and stuff. We walked all the way there which is probably only like a mile, sat did some sketching of trees, flowers, the hall itself, and some animals, I drew a nice penguin. Then we had a picnic with the kids, and then we walked back to school. I came back home then went to Pilates again, absolutely knackered by the end of the day.

Saturday – Washed my hair, straightened it. Then started work at 5, first actual job in about a year, so I was quite looking forward to doing something rather than just sitting around. 6 hour shift was tired out, my feet hurt and I smelt of Mexican food, which I can eat for free on my break, but I declined due to the whole trying to shift half a stone in 5 weeks.

Sunday – I think I did, yep, that’s right, nothing. I painted my nails in Pink Flamingo, watched some Sabrina, chatted with my Mum, text my friend, all which involved not moving from the couch all day. Oh and then I went to see Sex and the City and ate a bag of Minstrels, yeah good work.

Bazza M


That is it, at the moment I have nothing else to do, but exercise and sit around all day. I could find stuff to do but I’m at that stage where I can’t be bothered. I think after 17 years of education I need a break from all the deadlines and stuff, I’m just chillin’ out, relaxin’ and shootin’ some b-ball outside the school…

I’d like to draw your attention to how hot Mr Zac Efron looks without his top on, on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. If I had the money I would be on a flight out there right this second.

Zac Efron - picture from


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