Day Twenty Five – Your Day in Great Detail

Err well considering it’s Sunday, and I’m still in my pj’s my day so far hasn’t been exciting. I might paint my nails later, but I’m having trouble deciding between Pink Flamingo and Berry Ice Cream.

I’ve caught up on all my celeb news and am delighted to inform you that Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper are apparently on again, but if I’m not mistaken they were never off.

Bam Margera of Viva La Bam and Jackass fame has been beaten up…by a woman wielding a baseball bat. Unlucky.

Beyonce went shopping in New Look whilst on the Isle of Wight, if I find out what she bought I’m buying it too.

Apparently Lily “wants to fade into oblivion” as she she goes on and on about the fact she’s ‘retired’ from music. Err Lily, we all know you spoke those words without thinking, come out of your so-called retirement and write another album, make some more money, and buy some more Chanel clothes and you’ll be fine and dandy.

Oh also, the new Karate Kid movie is the 5th highest-grossing movie this year. Eh? Yeah it beat the new A-Team movie so apparently Jackie Chan > Bradley Cooper’s abs.

Lookin' good.


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