Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2010

I love Glamour, lets just get that out there, I have a subscription and I’m currently waiting on my July issue but Jo Elvin promised on Twitter yesterday that it is out late this month and will be with us by Friday. Cool thanks Jo.

Well it was the Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night and I really wish I could have been there but you know other commitments and all that (pub quiz). And by the looks of the pictures on the Daily Mail website there were more catastrophes in the style stakes than awards.

I’d like to start by saying how fabulous Fearne Cotton looked, she tweeted this morning saying her dress was by Roland Klein. I have been looking out for a LRD (little red dress) for a while now and if I had the money I would definitely be hunting down this sheer batwing beauty.

Fearne looking delightful in her LRD

Of course I can’t go without mentioning how amazing Florence Welch looked in her Jasmine De Milo creation, a gothic sea of sparkly scales adorned her LBD and her flaming hair is the perfect accessory. I recently went to see Flo again at the Leeds Summertime Ball and she was great, a bit of a croaky voice, but she ended up climbing the frames around the stage to make up for it.

Florence in her usual gothic inspired attire

Ever since Nicole Richie quit The Simple Life, had a couple of babies and settled down with GC star Joel Madden, her style has become much more relaxed and simple boho chic. I must admit I prefer her with a long bob rather than extensions, but the dark hair definitely suits her complexion, and the dress she wore last night with her own award-winning House of Harlow 1960’s jewellery looked stunning. Simple but effective although she could have done with a bit of a lift in the boobage area. Abbey Clancy, well there’s a name I never thought would EVER appear on my blog, looked surprisingly chic and less WAG than usual in a dark blue jumpsuit with a slash neckline. And although I do really like this dress I would have expected more from Billie Piper in terms of the WOW factor especially seeing as though she won UK TV Actress of the Year!

L-R // Nicole Richie // Abbey Clancy // Billie Piper

Kudos goes to Karen Gillan of Doctor Who fame in a asymmetric olive green and black dress with a lot of ruche detailing, I like a girl who is dangerous with fashion even if she almost resembles a stuffed olive. And Avatar star Zoe Saldana looked a dream in her Vionnet black lace dress, a pop of colour could have been added somewhere but I suppose then she may start to resemble roadkill.

Karen Gillan // Zoe Saldana

And now for the truly awful category of WORST dressed and my oh my did we have some winners. Alexandra Burke, seriously, whoever dressed you should not be using your grandmother’s sari that she bought on a trip to India. Urgh this is the worst dress I have possibly seen so far this year, I can see the idea of the cape but the dark heavy material with gold beading, and the length. Just NO. Diana Vickers, I still don’t like your hand and I don’t like your dress or your hair. What were you thinking? You have a head the size of a pea and then you go and add a bun the size of a pineapple on top, great going. Also matte powder anyone? Also if anyone can enlighten me to WHO THE HELL THIS PERSON IS that would be great, Lily Allen grew out of her trainer phase cos she knew it was good for her, you, young person with weird dress, stop it please.

L-R // Alexandra Burke // Diana Vickers // WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?

And finally I would also like to take a moment to mention Aaron Johnson MAN OF THE YEAR, lovely, gorgeous, sexy as hell, cute hair, nice smile, and beautiful eyes, taken from us by a cradle snatching 40-something year old. WHY? You are a young teenage boy, you may think you want a baby but you don’t, what are you going to do in 20 years time, seriously think about it. Because I’m here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on when her skin goes all wrinkly etc.

Call me...

Oh yeah and Cheryl Cole was there in a £25,000 Julien Macdonald dress as she won Woman of the Year. Well Done, now stop sneaking around with that Derek Hough and get some of Jason Lewis.

Cheryl ❤ Jason


2 thoughts on “Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2010

  1. Haha, this had me laughing all the way through. Who IS that monstrosity on the end?! Vickers & Burke = disasters. And I am in absolute love with Cottons lrd, too amazing.

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