Day Nineteen – A Talent of Yours

Well I have many, I think, but I can’t remember them all.

However, I have one particular talent that I’m pretty proud of: I can cook.

I bet you were expecting something amazing and out of this world, but you know what that is pretty impressive considering some of my friends lived off super noodles for a large part of university (ha ha not going to mention any names!)

I like to experiment in the kitchen, using a basic recipe and making it my own. I love it and I love food.

It’s funny most people come home from university to be pampered and looked after, I enjoy coming home and cooking for my mum, who by the way loves everything I cook (and if she doesn’t she never says, she’s good like that) from anything to curries and stir frys to fish dishes and Italian.

I am partial to cooking desserts my most spectacular dish was a white chocolate cheesecake, very fiddly but bloody gorgeous. I can do lemon meringue pie and I am a genius when it comes to making brownies, which I am doing tomorrow so I may pop a picture on for you all to drool over the fact you aren’t getting any. Ha.

For now though here is a picture of what I like to think looks like Rob Pattinson getting ready to hit Kristen Stewface on the head with his MTV Movie Award:

"Grrrr take that Stewface" - RPattz isn't that fond of her either apparently


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