Sick to the back teeth

I’m only new to this blogging game, and look to other more experienced bloggers for tips and tricks.

I’m going to admit I read Perez Hilton to see all the celeb gossip, to laugh at their petty mistakes and fashion errors and sometimes there are a few good stories. But I am just so sick of him being so goddam mean and one-sided.

I don’t think he claims to be a journalist so there is no need for a balanced report but his posts almost cross the line of bullying, it’s like he has no soul.

His attack on Lindsay Lohan or ‘Lindsanity’ as he calls her is evil! And why does he care so much whether Lily Allen comes out of retirement or not?!

And then there is his ‘Wifey’ or Lady Gaga as she is more formerly known. He claims to have ‘discovered’ her and supports her career with a lot of gusto. But to the point where everything she says, does, wears or sings is perfection it’s getting boring and fast.

The latest article is Gagaloo Breaks World Chart Record, with her latest single Alejandro going to number 9 in the World Chart it means that she has had 7 worldwide hits from her album The Fame Monster, surpassing Michael Jackson’s 6 from his Thriller album.

Yeah congrats Gaga, but releasing the same album twice and then a few remix tracks is not an achievement. What would be something to take notice of is if she took a break from tiring herself out touring, and put together a second album of fresh original tracks.

Anybody who’s anybody can have success with their initial album, what makes it an achievement is if the follow up is something her fans didn’t expect, something new and fresh because I am so BORED of hearing the same music over and over and over and over and over and over again.

It’s not as if I haven’t tried to get away from it listening to my own music, but put the radio on to hear the charts and there she is every other song.

And what I hate even more as I mentioned on my previous post Christina is Herself is how much everyone else is now ‘Gaga-esque’, and it’s bloody Perez’s fault for starting it. I hope he gets bought out

Soooo 2009 darling. Maybe I should find a new protege?


Well that’s just my opinion but I’m sick to my back teeth of it.

Heeeelllllloooo is there anybody else out there apart from Stefani Germanotta??


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