David Walliams weds a supermodel. There’s hope yet boys.

As always every celebrity wedding is the “wedding of the year”, but this one is just weird.

David Walliams and Lara Stone.

A chubby comedian and a sulky supermodel.

Obviously I have no idea what their relationship is like, but to have only being dating since September and to be married a mere 8 months later? Bun in the oven?

Maybe I’m just shallow. But then again maybe Lara has got a brain in that noggin’ and if you marry someone uglier than you, you get to be in the spotlight.

The newlyweds

I would just also like to point out how sorry I feel for the best man who had to make a speech to a room full of the best comedians. Nerve-wracking and vomit-inducing.

Finally I think the only good thing about this wedding is this beautiful, beautiful, scrumptious, wishhewasntgay, creature:



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