An iPad in Yorkshire?

The iPad hasn’t even been released in the UK yet, but Yorkshire based artist David Hockney already has one. (He lives in my home town of Bridlington, a great claim to fame although I never seen him…)

He says he uses it to sketch and “paint” on but that strikes me as a little lazy.

Yes technology has come leaps and bounds, but I know I would rather open up a tube of paint and grab a brush instead of using a computer to create a piece of art. Could it possibly be that now due to this genius piece of computer wizadry that paint will now become defunct?

It seems that soon everyday things in life will become defunct if we have a computer to do it for us, just think of I, Robot, supposedly in a few years time we only need to instruct another machine to do out daily chores for us.

It’s the same with the future of journalism, as I come to the end of my degree in said subject, I keep getting told that newspapers and magazines will no longer exist in the future if we have gadgets such as the iPad to keep us up-to-date with daily news and fashion.

But in relation to art who would really want to give up using a big splodge of acrylic on a brand new canvas and getting your hands dirty, I know I wouldn’t. I would much rather feel the glossy pages of a magazine and the sweet sweet smell of a freshly printed picture than a look at a computer screen.


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