Christina is herself

I’m not really one for all this pop music, although I do love Beyonce so maybe I’m a bit undecided on my favourite music genre.

I really liked Gaga when she first came out and nobody knew who she was, and her music was fun to dance to. But then every person in the world loves her and I don’t like jumping on bandwagons.

I decided to boycott her and slowly loathed everytime I saw her in scantily clad weird outfit after weird outfit, I kinda found it boring after a while.

Now, my sympathy goes toward Christina Aguilera who, compared to Gaga at 23, is 29 almost a veteran in the pop circuit. Her new single Not Myself Tonight is okay, it’s not amazing but it would be something I would like to hear on a night out. ( The link to her video)

The video, however, is all kinds of raunchy debauchery and shiny PVC. Ye,s reminiscent of Lady Gaga herself, even Perez Hilton has done a screenshot by screenshot comparison to Gaga’s Bad Romance and it is hard to ignore the similarities, but lest we forget Christina came first.

She’s already done the whole Dirrrty thang, and was pretty much slated for being a bad role model to young girls. Now Gaga comes around and she barely wears a thing but no one actually seems to care, ’tis strange.

I love that Christina has gone back to what she does best, shocking the world and I hope her fans stick by her it’s a shame that she is being compared to Gaga it should be the other way round.


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