Girlfriend needs a stylist

Now if you are going to be on the arm of the hottest man of the moment, you need to get your outfit right.

Whilst we (us females) were all paying attention to Sam “rugged and delicious” Worthington at the Clash of the Titans world premiere, you Natalie Mark still needed to make a good impression. This ensemble below hurts my eyes.
What is this? I am sure there is a old lady out there looking for her night gown, and I bet she would be ashamed to see what had happened to it.
The hair just doesn’t sit right at all, the fringe is too bushy and she should have left the clutch at home and used Sam’s pockets to store her trinkets in.
This outfit for the Golden Globes fairs slightly better and the hair is pulled back, however she just looks so uncomfortable with her guy’s new found fame. He would probably benefit from an “affair” with a co-star, maybe the lovely Zoe Saldana? Just saying…

2 thoughts on “Girlfriend needs a stylist

  1. The best part about this is that she herself IS a stylist (or claims to be one)!! How do you call yourself a stylist and make a choice as horrific as that one? If she were smart, she would be riding Sam’s coattails to get her name out there, acquire some contacts, and step up her fashion game.

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