Angry Black Cheerleaders

An observation was made the other day when Bring It On appeared on television for the 83rd time.

My house mates agreed with what I had to share about the film series (notching up to five films now) having a theme running through that is pretty damn obvious let alone ridiculous.
Bring It On – Rich white head cheerleader has to make up a new routine after former head cheerleader stole a routine from poor angry black cheerleaders. The latter win a competition. “Yey” for the underdogs. (Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union below)

Bring It On Again – Two interracial best friends join the college cheerleading team but don’t like the captain they quit and form their own team with a bunch of misfits. Pretty lame and it went straight to DVD.
It On: All or Nothing – A white cheerleader, Hayden Panetierre, from a rich background has to downgrade schools and ends up at an angry Solange Knowles’ “rough” high school. Panetierre joins the cheerleading team and has to compete against her old school. Bored.

Bring It On: In It to Win It – Two rival cheer teams are competing at cheer camp, the white female cheerleader from the “Sharks” falls for a half-Filipino male cheerleader from the “Jets”. The squads fight but then join together and form the “Shets” – this is just too easy…
Bring It On: Fight to the Finish – In the same format as All or Nothing, but with a ‘twist’. Christina Milian is the cheerleader going to a posh new school where she is subject to the white head cheerleader’s torment. (Five movies in and the writers still think that this is an original exciting concept for a movie.)

Is it really a modern adaptation of the West Side Story? Or a really pathetic attempt to highlight interracial coupling, it really does bore me.
Apparently there are plans for a sixth movie, god help us all. Here’s what I think the plot will be:
Bring It On: Ethnic ‘Minorities’ vs. White ‘Supremacist‘ – Ethnic cheer team decide it’s time to take on the leading role and for the white cheer team to take a back seat.
This is all really ridiculous and of course I am going to admit I do enjoy the first film, it just irritates me that the black girl has to be so stereotypically angry. But then I have just spent a whole blog post waffling.
Angry, me? No… I’m just rolling with it.

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