Cleansing My Soul

It has been 2010 for 13 days already, and I have had a computer for 4 of those days. It’s the beginning of the year and technology has failed me already.

As a (very) poor student forking out £107 to fix the problem puts me in a sour mood. But then I realise that after spending over a week without a computer what was all the fuss about?
I started watching television again, something that I always do on my computer. I finished reading a book and started 2 more. How strange is it that I can still function without checking my Facebook page every 7 seconds or my Twitter feed bleeping @replies to me?
I read on the net before my computer packed in that people were taking part in a digital cleanse, even the egotistical John Mayer, Twitter fanatic boasting a following of more than 2million, wanted to give up blabbering about his life.
I would never take part in this willingly. But as the gods would have it I spent 9 days away from all things twittery, and I returned not having missed anything. If someone needed to get hold of me they could just text or call or not bother at all. Simple.
The cleanse made me see that these sites really are for those absorbed in themselves, willing to overshare. But also that they are a useful tool in finding out details people are unknowingly sharing, I know plenty of people who sit on Facebook hours upon hours trawling through other people’s pages just to find out what they ate that day.
Of course I am not resigning from social networking, what would I do on a rainy (or snowy) day in 2010? I will continue to stalk till my heart’s content but I will restrict myself from becoming obsessive, this I feel is a fair resolution for the New Year.
I also plan to make my way through a list of books and films to read and watch before you die, that is sensible and achievable.
So if you can think of something for me to read or watch feel free to add to my list.

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